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David Rimmer is a nationally-acclaimed professional speaker, aviation executive and business consultant. He is equally in demand for his institutional expertise regarding the aviation industry as he is for his motivational speeches that encompass themes of perseverance and living life to the fullest, most poignantly in his story of surviving a mid-air collision over the Amazon rain forest.

David RimmerDavid is an enthusiastic speaker, and his appearances combine professional knowledge with highly personal insights. He is able to illustrate the lessons he teaches with anecdotes and firsthand stories from the field... some of them leavened with a dash of humor, all of them rich with useful and relevant professional and lifestyle information that can be applied on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a professional speaker to deliver compelling, timely, and effective dialogue for the aviation or service industries, or a motivational speaker capable of captivating a room full of listeners, David Rimmer is the acknowledged choice to turn to.

David can speak to groups of all sizes and expertise and specializes in the following topics:

Aviation Industry Expert

David Rimmer Aviation ExpertDavid is a former President and partner in ExcelAire, one of the United States' largest and most prestigious private jet companies. He has an in-depth knowledge of the civil aviation industry, and his enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. David can speak as an acknowledged expert in all matters pertaining to the aviation industry, and his expertise is much sought after by trade groups in need of an intelligent, experienced, and nuanced perspective on the opportunities & challenges facing aviation both today and in the future.

David has been invited to speak before aviation industry trade groups that include the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition in Geneva, the Air Charter Summit (sponsored by NATA) in Washington DC, the National Business Aviation Association leadership conference in New Orleans, and the Indian Business Aviation Exhibition in New Delhi, among others.

David has assisted a number of companies and industry organizations explore new service areas, better organize their executive leadership, streamline corporate operations, and elevate their stature in the aviation industry.

Service Industry Mentor

David has an equally outstanding record of executive responsibility in the service industry. David's unique experiences working to exceed the expectations of world-famous celebrities, royalty, and the political and business elite enable him to speak from a position of unquestioned authority on all subjects relating to the service industry.

At the beginning of his career in the media industry while still in his teens, David was exposed to the rich & famous, and he quickly learned how to leverage his common sense and direct approach into a winning strategy for keeping society's leading lights happy, satisfied, and wanting to come back for more.

Whether it is satisfying the world's most demanding clients, or instilling in subordinates the desire to make customer service the highest priority, David has something to offer anyone with an investment in the service industry. With David's assistance, companies around the world have been able to make customer service a point of strength and pride, rather than a drain on resources.

Motivational Speaker Extraordinaire

As a motivational speaker, Audiences draw inspiration from David’s unique story of survival. In 2006, the small pribate jet in which David was traveling was involved in a mid-air collision with a Boeing 737 airliner over the Amazon rain forest. David and six others aboard the smaller jet survived this brush with death, but tragically all 154 people aboard the airliner perished. It was a day that would change his life – and his outlook on life – forever.

david presentationIn the aftermath of that tragedy, David learned a number of important lessons... about second chances, about life itself and how to live it, about persevering in the face of insurmountable odds. David has been invited to travel the world to share these lessons in his motivational speeches, and his singular perspective has captivated and enriched thousands of people. He looks forward to every opportunity he has to spread his message of triumph over adversity & personal improvement.

David's motivational message speaks not only to personal issues, but also to important professional lessons as well – how to cope in the midst of an emergency, planning techniques to mitigate the damage, and how to manage the resolution and aftermath.