Crisis Management

Aviation Crisis Management

Managing your business during the good times is easy, but the ultimate measure of a company is how your employees respond during a crisis. Keeping faith with your customers (and maintaining their faith in you) is crucial to coming out of an emergency intact.

David Rimmer CNNDavid Rimmer is a crisis response specialist who does more than talk... he has walked the walk, managing disaster from the center of the storm:

  • Executive Briefing – Effective emergency response begins with informed and motivated leadership at the top. We will teach your executive and management staff how to recognize an emergency, get on top of it early in the process, and work toward an efficient and successful resolution.
  • Team Building – David's knowledge of emergency response is not hypothetical, it is based on well publicized events that touched an entire industry. Employee seminars with David will help your team understand that emergency response preparedness is serious business, and may be called upon with little or no warning.
  • Speaking Engagements – Our emergency response strategies provide a valuable learning experience for a large corporate setting. David is available for conferences, conventions, and additional speaking engagements.
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We typically offer our services on a retainer basis, but we are happy to provide one-time services to interested companies. We consult with companies around the world, but certain industries and geographic areas are unavailable due to prior exclusive contracts. Please contact us directly for more information – we look forward to helping you!