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David on CNNDavid Rimmer is a frequently quoted authority on the subjects of aviation safety, crisis management, private jet travel and world class customer service.


ACSF Supports Single Charter Standard

The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) is trying to encourage charter and fractional operators to support the move to a singlesafety audit standard–its own–to end confusion about the multiple standards currently being used and eliminate the expense of auditing to the various standards.


AIN-MRO Profile: Eastway Jet Services

Eastway Jet Services was established in 1985 as a maintenance facility open to the public and was located in a 1,000-sq-ft hangar at Islip’s MacArthur Airport. In 1992, Eastway formed ExcelAire to operate an aircraft management company and now also offers aircraft charter. It is Argus Gold and Wyvern Wingman rated.


Tragic Lessons

I was one of seven people on the aircraft when we had a midair over the Amazon. I am grateful we survived. It was really a matter of less than an inch that was the difference between our surviving or perishing. And it was a matter of several feet that was the difference between the lives of the people on the airliner being spared. Sadly, that didn't happen.